Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Release On Aug. 2 With Curved Edge?

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Galaxy Note 7

A leaked Samsung press invite has surfaced. It shows that there will be an event on August 2, 2016 . While there has been no confirmation yet as to whether the press invite is for the Galaxy Note 7, all the signs point to it.

The design in the press invite makes use of lines which result in a silhouette of the number 7 being featured prominently. Also, the invite includes the hashtag #TheNextGalaxy, and there is certainly no other smartphone aside from the Galaxy Note, which is releasing this year, according to Android Authority.

If you are not excited about that yet, it may appear that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 expected to be launched on August 2 will have a curved edge. According to a report from SamMobile, the leaked press invite includes the teaser, ?The next edge is just around the corner,? which certainly points to a Galaxy Note 7 Edge smartphone. Still, there is no news as to whether only an Edge version of the Note 7 will release or if there will be a standard Note 7 smartphone as well.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the next big flagship smartphone from the South Korean electronics giant. While the next smartphone in the Galaxy Note series is supposed to be the Galaxy Note 6, early rumors suggest that Samsung may be skipping the Note 6 and going directly to the Note 7. Many Android smartphone fans are really looking forward to the next Galaxy Note smartphone. If the newest rumors are true, then it will not be too long now until you can get your hands on the Note 7.

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