Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Live Stream Launch: Where To Watch & What To Watch Out For

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Live Stream
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Live Stream

On July 13, 2016, Samsung Electronics has sent out an invitation to the netizens about their new upcoming phone, the ?note 7.? Furthermore, they also provided the Samsung Galaxy note 7 livestream link, so everyone has the opportunity to see the much-awaited new gadget.

Release Date and Specs

With August 2 as its pegged released date, the Galaxy note 7 is said to be packed with powerful features. The device is confirmed to be released with the S Pen functionality and a large screen. Furthermore, it will be running the latest Android Nougat system from Google. With an iris scanner in tow, it will be the first smartphone to offer a new form of mobile security. The new Snapdragon 823 processor will surely be a great addition as it has gotten rave reviews making the note 7 run smoothly. Similar to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, the note 7 will have dual-edge curves to give it a sleek look. However, it is unknown if the edges will provide functionality like the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

Livestream Update

In the Samsung news website, the note 7 will be ?a powerful instrument for achievement and self-expression.? Although recent speculation has wondered why the new device will have a 7 instead of a 6, as the predecessor is the Note 5, Samsung gave two reasons. The first reason being that it is complementary to the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge product portfolio. Furthermore, it will help minimize confusion with the technology the company is making and ?provide full alignment with Galaxy S smartphone.? Its Unpacked Event will take place in New York on August 2 at 11 a.m. EDT. If you are interested in seeing the event, you can livestream the event and get a 360 degree view. There is also simultaneous launch events in Rio de Janeiro Brazil at 12 p.m. and in London at 4 p.m.

Watching the Livestream event

Samsung has given several ways you can watch the Unpacked event of the note 7 through several mediums. Through your mobile phone and PC, you can go to when the event is about to start. According to the Samsung website, iOS users can only watch the event on their mobile phones through Samsung?s YouTube.

If you own a Gear VR headset, you can watch the livestream event by going to the Oculus Store. Search for Samsung?s ?Unpacked 360 View app? and download and install. You can launch the app when the event opens.

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