Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Leak: New Images Reveal Upcoming Smartphone’s Design?

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Galaxy Note 7


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is one of the upcoming smartphones, which tech junkies have been waiting for. This is especially true given that some rumors claim that the device will be launched on August 2, which is only less than one month away. Samsung has been pretty quiet about the release of the device. Luckily, there have been leaks that have given consumers some idea about what to expect.

Galaxy Note 7

The latest leak will certainly pique the interest of Samsung fans as leaked rendered images of the Galaxy Note 7 has revealed what the upcoming phone will look like. BGR reports that serial leaker Evan Blass has been at it again by leaking pictures of the Galaxy Note 7 on Twitter. The tweet sent out by Blass not only reveals what the smartphone will look like, it likewise states the different color options that the Galaxy Note 7 will come in.

The leak almost all but confirms the early rumor that the Galaxy Note 7 will come in a dual curved display. It is not known yet whether there will be a regular display option but for now it seems like there is not going to be any.

A report from Forbes likewise mentions that the leaks have confirmed another exciting feature expected to be available in the Note 7, the iris scanner. This is certainly going to make the smartphone secure not to mention being a lot more fun to unlock.

The Galaxy Note 7 release date has not been confirmed yet by Samsung, so it may still be sometime until we can get solid confirmation on the design and features of the phone. Still, the early rumblings have proved that the Galaxy Note 7 may just be the best smartphone release to happen in the latter half of the year.

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