Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Update: Samsung will Release Findings Soon

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7

It has been almost three months now since Samsung first announced the massive recall for its Galaxy Note 7 phone. Since then, a lot has happened ranging from network blockage to firmware updates. After the second recall, Samsung announced that the phone is officially taken off the market due to safety concerns.

Immediately after that, the government of South Korea stepped in and mandated an investigation on the controversial phone. Now, a few weeks into the investigation, Samsung finally has the results in its hands. Finally, something will shed some light on what really caused the Galaxy Note 7?s battery to explode.

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That maybe is the case, however, reports from The Korea Herald suggest that no details have been made public yet. So far, Samsung only provided results of the initial investigation to third party labs in Korea and the UL. So, all in all, its loyal customers are still in the dark on what really happened to the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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Instead of making the findings public, the company?s head of mobile business urged employees to practice discretion. He sent out an email to all Samsung employees a few days ago asking them to treat company secrets with utmost respect. This is perhaps in preparation for the company?s upcoming flagship announcement, the Galaxy S8.

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If Samsung wants its loyal fanbase to still trust the company name, it must practice complete transparency. It must tell its clients as well as its investors what really happened on the Note 7. Failure to do so will give many reasons to doubt the company and the entire brand altogether. Obviously, this is not the way to win back lost confidence from consumers who revered the brand previously.

However, it is still too soon to tell whether or not Samsung will really divulge the information. It has been mere days after the conclusion of the internal investigation. For sure, there will be public announcements made by Samsung in the future addressing the battery issue of the Galaxy Note 7. ??Until then, all that can be done right now is wait and see how the story unfolds.

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