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Samsung Store Caught Fire After Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 Announcement

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7
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Just when we thought we can finally put the Note 7 explosion fiasco behind and start anew, news fresh from Singapore reveals that a Samsung store caught on fire this week. The incident comes on the heels of the company announcing its plan to sell refurbished versions of the fire-prone Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that were pulled from the market last year.

According to Channel News Asia, the fire broke out in the storeroom of the Samsung Experience Store in the AMK Hub mall, Singapore in the early hours on Thursday morning. AMK Hub general manager Andy Ka explained it occurred on basement one at 1:25 AM local time and was put out by the fire sprinkler in the room “within minutes.”

There were no reported injuries, but the mall management has closed off the area surrounding the store for safety reasons and for cleaning.

“We will be working with the few affected tenants to assist them in resuming their business operations as soon as possible,” Ka said, adding that the rest of the mall was open for business as usual.

Samsung already confirmed the incident but is still investigating the cause. “We are currently assessing the property damage and working closely with the authorities to determine the cause of the fire. The store will remain temporarily closed during this period. We sincerely regret any inconvenience caused,” the company said.

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Not long before news of the fire broke, Samsung announced it is considering selling recalled Galaxy Note 7 devices in select markets, except the United States. Per CNBC, it will decide which markets it will sell the refurbished versions after talks with relevant regulatory authorities and carriers.

A spokesperson for the company said that they will announce the product details including the name, technical specifications and price range when the device becomes available.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will make a comeback, but not in the US.

As reported earlier, the near-$900 handset was discontinued last year, roughly two months after its launch in one of the biggest product safety failures in tech history. Samsung recalled it twice due to its uncomfortably high tendency to overheat and catch fire, incurring an estimated cost of $3 billion for the company.

The sale of the refurbished versions serves as the company’s response to calls to lessen environmental impact. Since the massive recall, activists and environmental groups have been asking Samsung to come up with a plan that would recycle millions of Galaxy Note 7 units, instead of just disposing them into a landfill.

For the rest of the recalled Note 7s, Samsung plans to reuse some of its components such as semiconductors and camera modules. Meanwhile, the Korean phone maker is set to debut the Galaxy S8 on Wednesday. During the event, Samsung is expected to outline the battery safety features it included for the brand new handset.

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