Third Time’s the Charm: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition Coming This July

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Samsung to release Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition on July 7

After all of that denial about rumors of supposed re-release, Samsung has officially announced the resale of the Galaxy Note 7; to be called Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition. According to the company, consumers can start purchasing the phone on July 7.

Unfortunately, the resale will only happen in South Korea, Samsung’s home base. Furthermore, Samsung will only be releasing 400,000 units of the Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition to the South Korean market. As for the price, consumers from South Korean can expect to shell out 699,000 won or $611 for a unit.

One should note that the new retail price is 40 percent lower than the original Galaxy Note 7 retail price.

According to Samsung, nothing much will be changed on the Galaxy Note 8 Fan Edition. There will be some minor aesthetic changes as well as a new lithium-ion battery. Apart from those, the refurbished phone will look and feel almost exactly as the original Galaxy Note 7.

Some of the aesthetic changes will be the removal of the Samsung branding from the front of the phone. Also, there will be a Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition logo at the back of the unit.

Samsung to release Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition on July 7

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As for the battery, instead of the original 3,500mAh capacity, the new battery is now only 3,200mAh. In addition to this, the battery is now put under an eight-point safety test that Samsung established weeks after the massive unit recall last year.

The Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition will be available in the original cooler scheme: Blue Coral, Gold Platinum, Silver Titanium, and Black Onyx. The S Pen will also be included in the package as per usual.

Right now, there are still no news whether Samsung will sell the Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition to markets other than South Korea. The company has around 3.5 million units of the recalled smartphones in storage. What it is doing on the Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition is repackaging unopened units with a few minor revisions and hardware changes. For sure, as the company aims to reduce its environmental impact from the last recall exercise, it will think about selling the Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition to other markets globally.

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