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Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Features Can Run Windows-Based Laptop?

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Samsung Galaxy Note 6The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is rumoured to be able to run a Windows-based laptop. A total game changing quality by the yet-to-be launched smartphone will make working using your smartphone much easier. The phablet is now capable of becoming a phabtop (a combination of phablet and a laptop).

It sounds ridiculous now, but a smartphone big enough with capabilities of a tablet came to be known as phablet seemed pretty odd at first too. The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is a hybrid device that fits in a laptop dock. The split personality character of the device capable of being used as a phablet but also a laptop is incredible.

It is expected that the dock to turn your phablet into a laptop is inexpensive, or this potentially revolutionary idea may not be as successful as it can be. The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is yet to be launched and as the upcoming Apple flagship, the Apple iPhone 7, there are a lot of rumours doing the rounds on various social media platforms and websites. It has been reported that once the smartphone is docked, it acts as the touchpad, RAM and processor.

This could heat up the device, so we expect to see an amazing specifications list on the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 to be able to power a laptop using the components meant for a phablet. When you switch on the laptop, it will boot in an Android operating system and give you the option to choose a Windows OS to use the laptop. All this sounds extremely fascinating but we are also a bit sceptical about the idea mainly because smartphones can barely hold up high usage of apps meant to be used on smartphones, tablets and phablets so will it be able to handle the advanced uses a laptop can provide?

We don?t have the answer to that question yet as Samsung has remained tight-lipped about the functions of their upcoming flagship to maintain as much suspense as possible. Inevitably, some whistleblowers blow the lid off of the big surprise and thanks to them; we know what we can expect rather than be completely clueless about the device till its official launch.

If Samsung can pull this off, then the multi-tasking capabilities of the Galaxy Note franchise while take a huge leap forward. Assuming the Apple iPhone 7 will launch in September 2016, Samsung will try to capture the buzz with an August launch like they did for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

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