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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to Feature Three-Sided YOUM Display Screen? Galaxy Note 3 YOUM Model Remains a Mystery

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A new report says that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the first Android device to feature YOUM flexible OLED display technology and it will be a three-sided display.

Galaxy Note 4 with YOUM

New information from Korean media revealed that Samsung plans to initiate YOUM display technology on the next-generation Galaxy Note 4 set to be released later this year. YOUM flexible display on Galaxy Note 4 is also expected to have three-sided implications wherein the left and right sides are bent to create additional zones for notifications from messages, email and incoming calls.

Right now, Galaxy S5 is outselling the previous record of Galaxy S4 due to high demands from consumers, however, Samsung is not yet ready to reveal the official numbers regarding the sale.

?The S5 is selling faster than the S4 so far, though it is difficult to share specific numbers as we?re still at early stages. S5 sales should be much better than S4,? statement from senior vice president of Samsung?s product strategy team Yoon Han-kil according to Reuters.

Samsung already released the teaser of the flexible display screen via Galaxy Round but the smartphone did not use YOUM. The company?s new iteration plans for flagship devices which started in Galaxy S5 having IP 67 could be a direct intent to differentiate former Galaxy devices and new generation of Samsung Android gadgets.

YOUM display on Galaxy Note 4 may not be official yet, but bent display screens are not impossible anymore after LG launched G Flex countered by Galaxy Round.

YOUM and Galaxy Note 3

Samsung announced the world?s first product to use flexible OLED display in October 2013 called Galaxy Round. However, Galaxy Round does not feature the YOUM brand ? a flexible display launched by Samsung in January last year.

YOUM flexible display technology features the following aspect of a device:

  1. Bendable display panel
  2. Plastic made AMOLED display
  3. Shatterproof
  4. Light and thinner than glass OLED
  5. Improved overall durability

According to recent reports, Samsung was supposed ?to unveil a Galaxy Note 3 variant which features a ?flexible display screen to make a model with lighter, thinner and more durable factors.

It was supposedly launched last year around October and unfortunately, no Galaxy Note 3 with YOUM was released in the market.

YOUM flexible display mass production depends on how fast Samsung can manufacture the panels and Samsung?s current capacity is very limited due to several devices launched last year and additional requirements needed by Galaxy S5.

Photo Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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