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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Release Date: UHD Display, Bent Screen, IP67, Advanced-LTE, Launching at IFA 2014

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has been hinted to appear at the upcoming IFA 2014 event in Berlin, Germany and reports suggest that the new phablet will come with 64-bit CPU, LTE-A and UHD display resolution.

IFA 2014 Event

Last year, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 3 at the IFA event in Berlin, Germany, which is also the possible launching event of the next-generation Galaxy Note 4.

?Samsung is considering holding a launch event of the Note 4 at the IFA trade fair. It is in the middle of finalising specification details for the upcoming phablet,? statement from a Samsung official.

The statement only reveals Samsung?s consideration of IFA trade fair as the launching event but was not yet confirmed. This year, IFA will commence in September 5th while Galaxy Note 3 was unveiled in September 4th at IFA 2013.

UHD Display Resolution

Interesting reports claim that Samsung may release a Galaxy Note 4 having UHD display or 3840 x 2160 resolution aka 4K display. 2K is currently the highest resolution found in mobile devices and among them are the fourth-generation Samsung Galaxy tablets.

However, UHD remains a speculation and if not possible for Samsung, audience may expect at least 2K display that may come with a higher pixel density and larger screen size.

Advanced LTE Network

Another major upgrade on Galaxy Note 4 is the LTE-A or Advanced LTE technology, which currently a standard among Samsung flagship mobile devices. LTE-A features data speeds faster than regular LTE, but requires compatibility with network carriers.

Verizon Wireless plans to deploy LTE-A support among mobile devices in the middle of the year and expected to be followed by others including AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

New Processor with 64-bit Support

Samsung did not include the Exynos Infinity processor chipset on Galaxy S5 that supports 64-bit processing. New information suggests that Samsung may choose between a 64-bit processor of the Snapdragon 805 System-on-Chip.

Qualcomm is also planning to bring out samples of their upcoming 64-bit processors for mobile devices in the middle of 2014 which something Samsung may feature if everything works well on Galaxy Note 4.

Other Features

There are lots of other features being reconsidered by Samsung such as a bendable screen display and the standard application of IP 67 certification to deliver dust and water resistances. Android 4.5 may also appear on Galaxy Note 4 as Google plans to unveil it in June at the Google I/O 2014 and could be released around July or August running Nexus 8 and Nexus 6 devices.

Once released, Galaxy Note 4 is going to be sold with an expensive price tag and Samsung?s new design concept in and out are meant for practical business and office use in addition to all default Galaxy Note functionalities.

Photo Source: IFA Berlin

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