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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Killer Specs: 2K Display Resolution, 20.1 MP Camera, Dust and Water Resistance, Six-Core Exynos CPU; OIS Camera Remains Unconfirmed

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 killer specs leaked such as 2K display resolution, Exynos chipset with six-cores and 20.1 MP rear camera which Galaxy S5 did not feature while other features are expected to be adapted from Galaxy Note 3 and S5.

2K Display Resolution

One of many rumours before Galaxy S5 was announced is the 2K display resolution or 2560 x 1440 pixels. However, Samsung only presented 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution on S5 which sources believe that Galaxy Note 4 will feature.

CMNO suggests that Galaxy Note 4 comes with a 2K display resolution, which everybody missed on Galaxy S5 and points to another large display screen on the next-generation Galaxy phablet.

Processor Set

Samsung will likely use two types of processors for two variants of Galaxy Note 4. One of them is powered by a new Samsung Exynos six-core processor or the Exynos Infinity with 64-bit support while the second one is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 CPU.

Insiders suggest that Galaxy Note 4 will use the next-generation 20-nanometer processing which was rumoured last year. Moreover, CPU with 64-bit support will enable installation of bigger RAM chipset with at least 4 GB.

Ingress Protection

Since Samsung has confirmed ingress protection ratings on all flagship Galaxy smartphone, Galaxy Note 4 will feature IP 67 or dust and water resistances just like Galaxy S5.

Additionally, the exterior build of Galaxy Note 4 may look like the 3D patterning back design of Note 3 or dotted pattern used on S5. IP 67 provides total protection against dust and 30 minutes limit resistance against water within 1 meter of depth.

20.1 MP Camera

Interestingly, sources claim that Galaxy Note 4 will boasts a 20.1 MP rear camera shooter that uses the same technology on Galaxy S5 such as ISOCELL sensor and fast auto-focus feature. Currently, Galaxy S5 has a camera with the fastest auto-focus found in a mobile device or smartphone.

Other camera features to be adapted from S5 to Galaxy Note 4 are HDR rich tone, video stabilisation and 4K video recording. There is no confirmation yet if Galaxy Note 4 will sport an Optical Image Stabilisation module.

More Specifications

Galaxy Note 3?s USB 3.0 port compatible with USB versions 3.0 and 2.0 microUSB will also be inherited by Galaxy Note 4 while built-in heart rate monitor, MIMO Wi-Fi technology and on-screen fingerprint are expected to be adapted by the new phablet from Galaxy S5.

Galaxy Note 4 is expected to be unveiled at the IFA 2014 event in Berlin, Germany, where Samsung announced the last year?s flagship Android goblet.

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