Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Solutions for the Top 10 Phone and Messaging Issues

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Messaging errors are common problems on smartphones even with Galaxy Note 2 upgraded to the latest Android version. Here are the most common phone and messaging issues on Galaxy Note 2 and methods on to resolve them.

  1. 1.????? Unknown Unread Message

It appears as a normal notification telling of an unread message in the inbox but nothing comes up when you launch the messaging app. It is primarily caused by the BadgeProvider service after Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update.

Solution: Go to Settings > More Tab > Application Manager > All Tab > BadgeProvider > Clear Cache > Clear Data.

  1. 2.????? Dialler Inputting Numbers during Active Call
    During a call, the Galaxy Note 2 inputs random numbers on the dialler app without you touching the surface of the screen. It is likely caused by the defective digitizer due to age.


Solution: Have the device checked if the top part of the display screen that handles touch screen is already defected. If it?s only happening on the default dialler app, try a factory reset first.

  1. 3.????? Unable to Hear Anything
    A user is unable to hear the person on the other line even if the signal strength is fine. It can be caused by a firmware issue unknown to the user.

    Solution: It is likely fixed by a factory reset which resolved any corruption on the firmware. However, you may need to reinstall the firmware or contact the service centre if the issue persists.

  2. 4.????? No Mobile Data Connection
    Unable to make mobile data connection may occur after a major firmware update and likely caused by data corruption.

    Solution: Perform a factory reset or ?clear cache partition? in the Recovery Mode.

  3. 5.????? Enabling Call Waiting
    In case you lose the call waiting feature after an update, you may simply go to its settings menu to re-enable the function.

    Solution: Go to Apps > Phone > Press menu key > Call Settings > Additional Settings > Call Waiting.

  4. 6.????? No Signal Bar
    You may experience signal difficulty in an open area or sometimes signal loss after several minutes to few hours.

    Solution: Restart the phablet to refresh its network coverage or turn on the Airplane Mode then turn it off.

  5. 7.????? Unable to Send MMS
    MMS service is almost obsolete and has been replaced by Internet-based messaging clients. Sometimes the MMS may slow down and errors can persist for hours.

    Solution: Make sure you have the latest MMS settings from your network carrier and you must update the details after a firmware upgrade by contacting the network provider. Your mobile data connection should also be enabled in order to send or receive MMS files.

  6. 8.????? Call Drop
    Call drop is a common issue to most smartphones and usually related to network strength.

    Solution: Restart the device if call drops are frequent. Make sure you are in an area with good signal coverage and contact your network provider for any system improvements happening in your location.

  7. 9.????? Cannot Send Out SMS
    Messaging app may go insane and will not send out messages even you have an active subscription or remaining free text counts. It may be related to the service centre inside the messaging app.

    Solution: You need to contact your network provider and ask if any system maintenance is ongoing or if the service centre in your messaging app is still functioning.

  8. 10.? Combination of All Errors
    In case you have tons of errors such as unable to send, random freezes, constant lags or signal drop, here are some ways you can do before visiting Samsung centres.

    1. Restart the device, remove the battery and SIM, and let it rest for at least a minute. After that, reinsert the battery and SIM then turn on the device.
    2. Uninstall apps you do not use anymore to free memory.
    3. Check your device for malicious ware and viruses which may have corrupted your phablet?s data. Download antivirus and anti-malware apps from the Play Store.
    4. Update your device to the latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat.
    5. Perform a factory reset to resolve data corruption.

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