Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, a phone, a camera, both?

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Samsung has just announced its latest hybrid, the Galaxy K Zoom. It?s a slim smartphone that looks like the wonder child of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Samsung Galaxy Camera. It?s half smart phone, half camera, but with 10 times the optical zoom via a retracting lens.

The K Zoom is a slimmer and sleeker version of its predecessor, the S4 Zoom. It boasts a 20.7 megapixel BSI CMOS sensor on the back, complete with Xenon flash as well as optical image stabilization. In short, it can take awesome pictures, but retains the simplicity and ease of use from taking pics on a smartphone. The same Galaxy features are still there like the pinch to zoom or holding the button to take a series of shots. The interface is pretty much what you see on the Galaxy series, and is more or less the same with the same Galaxy S5 screen in a 4.8 inch, 20.2mm thick package.

It?s impressive that Samsung was able to keep the device relatively compact and sleek while jam packing it with camera features. This phone should remind users of a similar jam packed camera centric phone, Nokia?s Lumia series. It?s a photo nerd?s dream. The Galaxy K Zoom gives the user access to a lot of features that can be tweaked like the shutter speed and aperture. There are also presets available making it like a standard point and shoot camera.

Camera specifications aside, the K Zoom is also a very capable phone. It runs on Android 4.4 KitKat off the bat and has a 2,430 mAh battery. It also has 2 GB worth of RAM and 8 GB of built in memory. The processor is a combination of a quad core dual core running at 1.7 gHz. As far as connectivity is concerned, it is LTE ready in Europe with 3G everywhere else.

Samsung could have a potential winner with the K Zoom, seeing as it can appeal to both camera centered users as well as regular users, as the device packs some really good camera features while still being a capable phone at the same time. The fact that it?s not bulky is a very big plus as well.

Photo Source: CNet Samsung K gallery

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