Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 LTE: Is 4G enough to put it ahead of the pack?

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In case you?re wondering where the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 sits on the hierarchy of the Korean brand?s phone domain, you?re looking at a low-spec device that cuts in below the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini but at quite a drop in specs and value. The only reason that it sits above the Samsung Galaxy Fame, Core and Young is because it has LTE or 4G capability.

So how does it shape up as a 4G phone with its specs, capabilities and price? Let?s take a look:

  • Build

Just like any Samsung phone, it?s made primarily of plastic with a removable back. It isn?t streamlined at all, though, so even if it?s almost as big as the Galaxy S4 Mini when it comes to dimensions, it weighs a whopping 12 g more.

  • Design

It?s predictable although not bad. Samsung phones tend to all look alike and unless you?re really into the brand, you usually can?t tell which Galaxy device is which. This smartphone comes in black and white with the usual curvy edge and lock, volume and home button.

  • Display

With an abysmal 480×800 resolution and 233ppi, don?t hold your breath for clear, crips images. The display doesn?t come with HD features so you?re clearly sacrificing display when you get the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3

  • UI

Right off the bat, I?ll say that Samsung?s TouchWiz UI is a pain and has hardly improved over the years and with successive phones. It does its job but it takes a lot of work to make it look good and a bit more intuitive. It only runs on Android Jelly Bean so you might have to wait for the update (if it ever arrives). Another glaring difficulty is that it doesn?t have an autobrightness shortcut to help save battery life. There isn?t any folder creating function in the app drawer. Widgets are also not integrated into the Home screen as you have to swipe between apps and widgets. I could go on about TouchWiz but let?s just say it?s not going to get you cheering for the device.

  • Camera

The front facing camera is average to poor especially in bad lighting conditions. There is HD video recording but the phone itself doesn?t let you view your shots in HD. The back camera is only 5 MP but it does the job despite a short delay on activation. There is an LED flash and some standard filters on the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3


  • Battery

The removable battery is without a doubt convenient and the 1800mAh is sufficient for normal use. This means that it?s going to last for a whole day out checking Facebook, email and SMS. This means that you aren?t broadcasting your 4G to other devices (like your laptop). So if you?re planning to use your phone to give your laptop a connection anywhere, bring a powerbank.

  • Processor

The 1.2 GHz dual core processor doesn?t help much with making transitions smooth and handling a lot of apps open all the time. It also makes the camera sluggish and has a glaring difference from the HTC Desire 500 that gives a smoother experience at the same price point. Don?t expect to perform feats of tech strength with this phone.

  • Connectivity

Perhaps the only redeeming feature of this phone is that it can tap into LTE networks. You get access to super fast internet connectivity but I can?t see how you can make full use of the connection with the limited capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3.


For the price point, you could almost say it?s a steal since it lets you use LTE speeds. However, when you find out that its capabilities cannot maximize the 4G speed, you may want to think twice. It?s heavy, bordering on clunky and comes in the generic Samsung design that doesn?t differentiate it much from the other phones in the line. All in all, you should get the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 if you want a budget phone with LTE and a known brand.

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