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Samsung Files Patent Infringement Suit Against Apple for Copying Two Patents

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Samsung accused Apple for violating two of its patents. After defending itself from Apple?s claims on patent infringements for the iPhone, the Korean electronics maker kicked off on Monday its patent infringement suit against its smartphone rival. Samsung presented its testimony and evidence to support its argument that the iPhone maker copied two of its patents.

Freeman Sold Video ? Transmission Patent to Samsung in 2011

Samsung rested its defense against Apple on Monday afternoon before igniting arguments for its own accusations. Michael Freeman is the Korean electronics maker?s first witness in the offense. He testified about the 239 patents for video transmission, which he and his family invented and eventually sold to Samsung in 2011 for $2.3 million.

Dan Schonfeld, a University of Illinois professor of computer science, also testified that the iPhone maker infringed the 239 patents in its iPhone. This includes the use of FaceTime and a video ? attachment feature in mail and messages. Ken Parulski, an expert from the Kodak team that developed the first color digital camera in the world, presented his testimony that the iPhone maker infringed another Samsung patent for managing photos and videos in folders.

Never Ending Battle on Patent Infringements


After two years of a patent dispute between the two tech companies, they have again returned to the same courtroom in San Jose, California to argue over patents (again) before the Federal Judge Lucy Koh. The iPhone maker argues that the Korean electronics giant infringed five of its patents for the iPhone. Apple is due $2 billion for this infringement, while Samsung wants $7 million for the infringement of two software patents.

As both companies ask for damages, the case is more than just money. It is the mobile device market that is at stake. Apple now has two ? thirds of its sales from the iPad and iPhone, while Samsung is the largest smartphone maker in the world. Both companies wish to keep dominating the mobile device market. However, Apple is ahead of the game when it comes to litigation in the United States. The Korean tech giant has been ordered to settle the damages amounting to $930 million.

Most features that Apple claim infringed were from Google?s Android. Only the ?slide to unlock? feature, among all patents, was not built into the mobile operating system. Apple said that the case does not involve Android, but Samsung thinks that it was a move to attack Android.

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