Samsung Facing Another Massive Recall for the Galaxy S7?

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Samsung Galaxy S7

Many would still remember Samsung?s September massive recall for the Galaxy Note 7. The first recall was followed by another one just a month after when replacement units began to catch fire. Now, it looks like Samsung could be facing another massive recall for its Galaxy S7 smartphone.

A number of reports have surfaced in the past few weeks regarding some Galaxy S7 phones showing signs of overheating. Others even reported that their units started to swell up while being charged.

For those who do not remember, back in September, a number of Galaxy Note 7 phones were reported of catching fire. As the days wore on, more and more incidents of the same issue occurred and forced Samsung to issue a recall. A few weeks later, the company came back saying that it has finally solved the issue and started replacing faulty units right away.

Galaxy S7 (via

Galaxy S7 (via

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However, as it turned out, the same problem still plagued the replacement Galaxy Note 7 phones. Just a few days after the replacement phones arrived, a new incident was reported. This time, a new Note 7 caught fire while on-board a taxied aircraft.

The first of the second batch of incidents was later followed by more Galaxy Note 7 phones emitting smoke or catching fire. Samsung was then forced to perform another massive recall and eventually put it in discontinuation.

Samsung has released a comment regarding the new incidents involving the Galaxy S7. According to the company, the phone is not affected by the same problem as the Galaxy Note 7. Also, Samsung assured the public that the phone is very safe to use.

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To date, Samsung has sold around 10 million Galaxy S7 units. Having another cycle of recall will be the last straw for the company. It has spent more than $5 billion on the last two recalls for the Galaxy Note 7. The last thing it needs is another one.

Nevertheless, it would seem that history is trying to repeat itself. With isolated incidents involving the Galaxy S7 happening, Samsung continues to assure the public about its safety. The last time this happened, a product was recalled twice and later discontinued.

Galaxy S7 users are advice to take extra care in using their devices. Any sign of malfunction or problem should be reported to the authorities as soon as possible.

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