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Samsung Developing Their Own OS? Tech Giant Dropping Android? All You Need To Know!

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Samsung is developing their own operating system for smartphones called the Tizen. Get to know more about this possible new OS.

The Tizen is already in development for years in the Samsung lab, and it looks like the progress is good as they are already showcasing the OS running in some phones during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain last February and some of their gadgets like the Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo are already running with the Tizen. Now Samsung will be launching a new smartphone that will be running on their own operating system. But is Tizen really a worthy new OS to the mobile scene?

First, the Tizen will be open sourced, this means hardware manufacturers can modify the OS to their liking for their phones. It will be a Linux-based system where Intel also assisted in developing it. It will also be a HTML-5 compatible OS, this will work in all websites and will help lessen the development cost and cycles in phone applications, this also means better web page optimization, not need to download separate plugins to make some pages working.

Thanks to the TouchWiz layer, the Tizen can look like an Android interface, which can make some new users comfortable and welcome to the much different OS. Another cool thing about the Tizen is that it is not only for smartphones as it can be used in smart TVs and car entertainment systems. Then of course the most important factor in all mobile operating systems is the list of compatible applications, without it, the OS will be entirely ignored. Good thing the Tizen will support native and web apps, Samsung has already hosted an app challenge where 64 winners can bring home around $4 million on who can create the best native Tizen app.

So far it will take a while before the Tizen can go toe-to-toe against the mobile giants such as the iOS and Android, but only time will tell if it?s going to be as successful.

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