Samsung Coming Up With Its Own ‘Chromecast’ For 2017?

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Good news for Samsung lovers out there. Samsung’s new smart TVs will have a new functionality similar to Google’s Chromecast streaming adapter. The new features may be announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week.

It’s been a while since the company has offered smart TV owners the capability to beam videos, photos, and music stored on their phones to their TV sets. They can do this using their Smart View app. Samsung published the upcoming iOS version of that app on the Apple App Store on Thursday. The app’s description is not updated yet, but if the screenshots are any indication, a major update may be on the way with some new features, per Variety.

TV Remote vs Mobile Devices

This is not the first time Samsung made an effort in replacing TV remotes with their mobile devices. In 2013, the company acquired smart TV startup Boxee in order to reinvent its smart TV technology. Known as the “Perfect Experience,” the purpose of this was to move away from apps on TV and give consumers a tablet solely for their remote control. This remote control has a program guide. It mixes live TV and content from streaming providers using one interface. But in 2015 the company pulled the plug on this project without shipping the PX devices. But this new development, it looks like some of their great ideas may have survived after all. Users will just have to wait and see.

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New Tabs For Content

There are also tabs for local media and TVPlus. This is Samsung’s latest streaming channels that are powered by Fandango. With this, users are able to beam content from any of these sources onto their TVs by simply using their phones instead of remote controls. A search icon is also available, which may be part of the company?s effort to give it some sort of universal feature.

Right now the app features tabs for content from various streaming providers. This includes Amazon, Prime Video, YouTube and Hulu. A live TV content tab is also made available. It features recently featured content and recently watched shows, etc.

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