Samsung, To Terminate Milk Music Streaming Service Next Month, Find Out Why

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Samsung withdraws the battle of the music streaming and will close down the Milk Music streaming service. It will be gone in the US on 23rd of September. Existing customers however, will be transferred to an online radio service known as, Slacker.

The company stated: ?Samsung is closing its Samsung Milk Music service in the United States on September 22, 2016.? According to The Verge, not being able to gain transaction with users is the cause of the removal. However, the VR element of Milk will remain in the company.

Samsung also stated ?The company has made a corporal decision to invest our resources in a partner model focused on integrating the best music streaming services available today into our series of Galaxy devices. Our company believes that working with our partners will hasten the innovation, improve the sales and provide the customers with an amazing new experience?they have deserved?

Rumors about the said issue also speculated for months now. Samsung is on the hunt for a new partner that will bring and integrate the best music on their series of Galaxy Devices. Milk Music has been a part of Samsung since way back in 2014.

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Music streaming is an intensely competitive field. Apple released Apple Music as their weapon to compete with other music streaming services like Spotify. Spotify raised $1 billion while having a ?760 debt. Vevo is also rumored to be raising $500 million while the artist Jay-Z has his own music streaming service called, Tidal.

Rumors suggest that Samsung is trying to make their own streaming media services by having an alliance with the already existing services, while at the same time Samsung is focusing on the ?improvement of their internal services, the handsets.

Samsung Milk Music was only launched inside of the U.S. Hence, a clear indication of why the service has resulted poorly and struggled to gain transactions in the competitive music streaming industry.

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