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Samsung Chromebook Pro Price Revealed; Notebook Comes With Powerful Hardware

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Chromebook Pro price

The Samsung Chromebook Pro price news is definitely important for the people who are looking forward to Samsung’s flagship device. The Chromebook Pro is indeed an amazing device. It can be outfitted with powerful hardware in order to deliver an amazing performance.

People who are looking for an improvement on performance should definitely take a look at the Chromebook Pro. The device targets casual users, as well as students who require a small amount of word processing. In addition, people who do want a smooth browsing experience are also in for a treat.

Furthermore, the Chromebook Pro can also deliver a few extras for when the user needs them the most. It can be one of the best all-around laptop/tablet out there that will soon hit the market.

Chromebook Pro Price: It’s Not Cheap

Chromebook Pro priceQuiruben Dela Cruz | The Bitbag

The device’s price tag has been reportedly unveiled. There are two variants showcased at the CES 2017 event last week which are the Chromebook Plus and the Chromebook Pro. The Pro version offers a slightly more powerful hardware which also increases the price tag.

Pro users will get to have an Intel Core m3 processor, 32GB of internal memory and 4GB of RAM. As for the screen size, the Pro version sports a 12.3” screen. On the other hand, the resolution is at 2400 x 1600 which is pretty impressive.

Should You Go For The Plus Version?

People who are tight on budget or simply looking for a cheaper version can now pre-order the Plus version. Plus has a price tag of $449 which makes it $100 cheaper than the Pro version. It is important to realize that the only difference between the two is the ARM processor.

The Pro version features an ARM processor while the Plus version do not. Hence, people who will pay $100 more for the Pro version will get to have a faster processor. Furthermore, Chromebook’s OS is very light on the resources. Hence, it won’t be struggling to satisfy the user’s needs.

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