Samsung Bixby To Be Ready Before End of 2017: Full Launch With Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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Samsung Bixby will be fully functional by the fourth quarter of 2017

About a couple of weeks ago, Samsung let consumers glimpse its very own personal digital assistant, Bixby. Admittedly, at the time of the launch, the digital assistant app was still under development. That is not to say the app is still broken, only that it has limited features at the moment. Now, a new rumor claims that the digital assistant will be fully functional before the end of the year. What is more, it looks like it will be fully launched together with the next Samsung flagship phone, the Galaxy Note 8.

According to a German Samsung support site, the country can expect full functionality on Bixby by the fourth quarter of 2017. While this may sound vague to anyone, consumers can expect a fully-featured Bixby as early as October this year.

Bixby launch with Galaxy Note 8

What’s interesting about the supposed launch is the timing. If Samsung is to launch Bixby at around October, it means that it may coincide with another product launch. Market watchers have been speculating that Samsung will be unveiling its next smartphone around that time. That said, it stands to reason that Samsung’s digital assistant might be featured again, only this time as a fully working app with the Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung Bixby will be fully functional by the fourth quarter of 2017

Bixby on Galaxy S8 (via

More Bixby features

At the moment, the features of Samsung’s digital assistant are still very limited. For the time being, the personal digital assistant support only American English and Korean; no other languages are supported yet. Nevertheless, consumers can expect more language to be supported by the digital assistant in a few months.

In addition to being multilingual, Samsung envisions the digital assistant to be all encompassing. That means, it will not only be available on the Samsung phone but other products too. The company is planning to integrate the personal digital assistant to all of its products including TVs, smart appliances, and smartwatches.

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