Samsung Finally Addresses Galaxy Note 7 Battery Scandal: ‘It Will Not Happen Again’

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Today at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Samsung Electronics America addresses the issues concerning the Galaxy Note 7. During a speech at the CES opening event, COO and president, Tim Baxter, explained the efforts that Samsung is undertaking. These efforts are to make sure that the fiasco never happens again.

Many would know by now that Samsung has had quite a rough few months since the release of the Galaxy Note 7. Immediately following the release, the company received multiple reports of the Note 7 catching fire for no apparent reason. Because of this, the company was forced to issue a global recall of the Galaxy Note 7.

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After the first recall, Samsung conducted its initial investigation on the case of the explosions. In between releasing the reports and the recall announcement, Samsung has released firmware updates for the smartphone. The firmware was meant to limit the phone?s charge to 60 percent hoping that this will also limit the heat generated by the battery. Unfortunately, users took this as a green light to continue using their handsets, with disastrous results.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Burned Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (via

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The firmware update caused the number of incidents to rise from single digit to double digits. Before long, Samsung is seen dousing the fire that has been caused by the firmware update announcement. The confusion that ensued afterwards guaranteed the demise of the Galaxy Note 7. In a few weeks after the phone?s release, around 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 units were recovered by the company. Unfortunately, the story did not end there.

After months of concerted efforts to recover the faulty phones, Samsung then re-released a ?better? version of the Note 7. These versions carried a different battery from a different manufacturer. Samsung hoped that changing the battery manufacturer would solve the issue that it had with the previous release. Obviously, Samsung was wrong to assume the latter.

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After mere days of re-releasing the Galaxy Note 7, another incident involving the phone occurred. It was followed by a few more incidents, one even involving a flight to Baltimore. These incidents cemented the fate of the Note 7. Eventually, Samsung relented and was forced to do another global recall of the phone. After that, it finally announced the discontinuation of the phone from the market.

To date, Samsung is still to release the report to address the issues concerning the Galaxy Note 7. According to the South Korea-based publication, The Investor, Samsung is to release the report soon.

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