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Samsung 4TB SSD Review: It Can Be PC Gamers’ Best Storage

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Are you a serious PC gamer who has some extra dough laying around that you could parlay to upgrade your storage? If you are, you might want to take a look at the new 850 EVO, a Samsung 4TB SSD built to replace your spinning hard drive. It has good storage capacity and you don?t have to sacrifice speed.

The Samsung 4TB SSD version of its 850 EVO could replace a large hard drive. It allows you the space and speed not to resort to a secondary hard drive to make space for your gaming library. As Anand Tech pointed out in a review, the 850 EVO defies the conventional idea of TLC SSDs as being kind of slow, susceptible to long-term data retention issues and for being power munchers. Most TLC drives in the SATA market are in the low-end and at mid-range at best. The 850 EVO competes with MLC drives in the mid and high-end market. The price is quite high-end too.

The new Samsung 4TB SSD, 850 EVO, will cost you $1,500. It seems to target professional gamers or those who have enough money to spoil themselves with this new toy. But if you are more prudent with your money than the rest of the ?haves? or the ?impulse buying section? of the demographic, you might want to wait for newer and possibly cheaper models.

The creation and release of the 850 EVO could be a sign that SSDs will be more available to the public in the future. More models from different makers would probably arise to satiate your speed and power hungry gaming appetite for much less. But if you can?t really wait for that, you might want to give this Samsung 4TB SSD a better look.

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