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Sam Heughan Wife Onscreen, Caitriona Balfe Talks Exciting Story For Outlander Season 3

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outlander season 3

Droughtlander is probably tiring most fans now but no worries, Caitriona Balfe promises Outlander Season 3 is worth the wait. In a video chat interview, the actress who plays Claire on the show opened up about the upcoming season and she teases there’s a lot of exciting new things waiting that will surely make viewers happy.

In the second season finale, we were heartbroken to see Claire and Jamie part ways as the former traveled through the rocks and back into her time in 1948. Thinking Jamie didn’t survive in the past, Claire was forced to forget her life with the Scotsman and raise his child with her original husband, Frank. Season 3 will open up with the highly awaited Battle of Culloden, and then continue to show what Claire and Jamie were doing in the years following their separation.

“With Claire, you’ll see her in Boston some with Frank quite a bit with Brianna, which I think is really nice that you get to see that relationship really kind of solidify,” Balfe told GoldDerby. As much as we want them to reunite immediately, it will, unfortunately, take a while before the Claire make her way back into Jamie’s arms.  But she assured the reunion is happening. “I can’t really say much about it, but I think the fans will be happy.”

Asked for more details on the third season, Balfe further revealed that it hasn’t been easy to work on the scope of the story for both the cast and crew. They were doing some 40s, 50s, and 60s to really tell what happened to Claire in those years without Jamie, particularly the effect of her sudden reappearance to her marriage to husband, Frank.

“It’s been quite a challenge to tell this great journey not only of Claire and her life but also the relationship of Claire and Frank and what had become of that. When you’re dipping in and out of someone’s life and just showing vignettes it’s a challenge because you want to be able to give it the real life you want to be able to show that this is a relationship with arcs and turns and it’s not all one this or one that.”

outlander season 3

Cait on The New and Exciting Changes Coming To Outlander Season 3

Outlander Season 3 is moving out of the damp, gloomy Scotland and into sunny South Africa which will serve as Jamaica in the Outlander world. That, too, is another new thing fans should be looking forward to seeing next season and there’s so much more.

“The great thing about the show is that every season there’s so much that’s new. In some ways it feels like a completely different show from one element to the next. It keeps things really fresh for us. We’re constantly on our toes and excited about what’s coming around the corner.”

Executive producer Ronald D. Moore said the same before –It’s going to go to sea, and in the Caribbean. The third season is going to look and feel “completely different” and advance “dramatically that even him is excited about the changes.

Unfortunately, there’s still roughly three months to go before the show returns on our TV screens. The show notably pushed its usual spring release date all the way back to September to have more flexible filming and editing schedule and give us viewers the best quality episodes that we deserve. Good thing, we have all those cute Cait and Sam exchanges on social media to relieve us from the long wait.

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