Salmonella Poisoning Linked to Salad Mixes

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The salmonella outbreak has alarmed many people, as Lite n? Easy issued a warning for customers not to eat its own salad. ?There have been a number of confirmed cases doubling in Victoria, with SA Health investigating six possible cases. Two main supermarket chains have recalled packets of lettuce, spinach and other products containing salmonella. A lot of experts are asking how the bug (usually linked with contaminated meat) found its way to salads.

Customers all over the country have been warned not to purchase the pre-packaged salad items sold at Coles, Woolworths and other small businesses such as weight loss delivery service Lite n? Easy. Lite n? Easy is currently tied up with its lettuce supplier, Victorian company Tripod Farmers. They are currently linked with a salmonella outbreak that has now affected 54 people in Victoria and resulted in a nationwide recall of lettuce products. They have warned customers that the lettuce recall will affect some lunches in its menu delivered this week.

Last night alone, SA customers were warned against eating pre-packed lettuce sold at Cole and other affected outlets. Truckloads of their products was stripped from supermarket shelves all over the nation.

Recalled Products

Many people are surprised that the infection usually linked to spoiled meat or poultry products has made its way into something as harmless as regular lettuce. However, contrary to popular belief, salmonella is pretty much everywhere and can infect any number of different foods that come into direct contact with the bacteria.

Most people will consume at least a small amount of it during daytime, said Heather Yeatman, an Associate Professor from Wollongong University?s Graduate School of Public Health. She also said that salmonella is even present in our soil, which means there are small portions of it in the food we eat. Meat in particular are at a high risk because animals graze on the soil and if the butchering of the meat is not carefully done, it might have the potential for contamination.

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