Salim Mehajer’s Shocking Video Abusing Ex-Wife Aysha Surface, Full Scoop

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A Current Affair (ACA) has released a shocking video of Salim Mehajer verbally threatening and degrading his then wife, Aysha, and her parents.

ACA released a footage which included a compilation of videos filmed by Mehajer on his smartphone. The video shows him acting violently and going on a verbal rampage against Aysha.

In the video, Mehajer violently points out that Aysha ?f*cked 12 guys? and repeatedly calls her a ?sl*t.? He demands that Aysha should call him in 5 minutes. If she doesn?t call back then he threatens her that he?s going to rape her mom and dad.

?Aysha, I hope you die, you sl*t. I swear on the Koran, I swear on God, I?m not leaving today. And I hope you die, you fucking sl*t. You fucked 12 guys, you sl*t. You fucked 12 guys. You fucking sl*t. You fucking sl*t.”

ACA explained that Mehajer made the video during a time when his wife had left him and decided to stay with one of her relatives. When Aysha wasn?t returning his calls, he got violent.

After the footage had aired, Mehajer went silent on the social media where he is usually very vocal. He briefly returned though, but only to add more drama by giving a toast to ACA for releasing his offensive video. This, without a doubt, was a pathetic attempt to save face as he actually goes on to deactivate his social media accounts for a second time.

The video posted shows him with Constance Siaflas at a restaurant with a group of people saying ?Cheers to ACA!?

Mehajer also shared a photo of a woman saying ?You are one of a kind.?

Mehajer has already shown the world what kind of a possessive and violent husband he is, he appears to be flaunting now how unfaithful of a husband he is as well.

Those who are still curious to see Mehajer?s violent rant can check out the video below. Be warned, it’s not for the faint of heart.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApyT155cEMc]



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