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For something so hilarious and witty as the manga-turned-anime Haven?t you heard? I?m Sakamoto, fans can?t help but say that the writers were probably high. Reading the manga is an experience like no other – it?s so stupid yet readers LOL in almost every page. Sakamoto is like a god of swag to his fans and what better way to show the world his awesomeness than through an animated series.

Who is Sakamoto? For those of you who have not yet gazed upon our dear Swagamoto, Sakamoto is the embodiment of the perfect campus hottie. His handsomeness exceeds this Earth and his intelligence and charm is divine. All the girls are in love with him and the boys are consumed by jealousy. There are also delinquents who always try to throw him off his guard but nothing and no one can ever seem to break down his impenetrable macho hottie wall. Sakamoto is in a league of his own and his excellence is beyond the comprehension of those around him (and sometimes of those reading about him).

Sakamoto is not your normal high school student. Nobody knows what he is or why he does things with such grace, elegance, and flair. Catch the Sakamoto fever at Crunchyroll.

A fan under the alias, DangoSage says: In a world riddled with cringe humor, Sakamoto Desuga? is here to bless us with an alternative, yet rarely utilized type of comedy; Suave humor. Known also by its street name “Swag humor”. This sort of comedy depicts the complete opposite of social awkwardness where the main character is the embodiment of social perfection.

Another fan gave the story a 10 at myanimelist under the alias Zeroskye: Sakamoto desu-ga is a holy book depicting the life of Sakamoto. Watch him as he performs the tasks of gods. From cleaning the ceiling with brooms to writing with both hands simultaneously to playing Bach on a whack-a-gator machine. Do not worry, Sakamoto is not a malicious god, the celestial comedy that stems from those events were created exactly so we can laugh more than we have ever had before. He will allow you to find pleasure in his deeds. Accept his kindness and laugh to your heart?s content.


Sakamoto Funny Moments

For a really long time since the cult-followed Cromartie High, no other comedy anime or manga has given us this kind of insane high where it leaves you crazy, teary-eyed and with an achy-tired belly from laughing so hard in every episode or chapter.

For those who have seen the animated series, relive some of the most hysterical and epic scenes here.

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