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Saints Row Gat Out Of Hell: All Cheat Codes

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Saints Row Gat Out Of Hell

Those looking for Saints Row Gat Out of Hell cheat codes are at the right place. Sony has brought the game as part of the PlayStation Plus free games lineup for July 2016. Using cheat codes in this wacky game will not necessarily kill your enjoyment from the gameplay experience, and in this title, you can find plenty of things to do by using the right codes. From unlocking everything to collecting all weapons and repairing vehicles, this post covers all the cheat codes you?ve been looking for.

To enable the Saints Row Gat Out of Hell cheat codes, you will need to go to the menu and head to the Extras section. There you?ll find the Cheats option to add your cheat codes. Players should note that using cheat codes in the game will disable the use of auto-save options. Cheat codes will also disable Trophies or Achievements when active.

Most Used:

  • ????????unlockitall ? Unlock Everything
  • ????????insanecity – Insane City
  • ????????cheese – Money ($100,000)


  • ????????letsrock ? Get All The Weapons
  • ????????goldengun – One-hit Kills
  • ????????notrated – Kills Produce Blood Explosions
  • ????????superblast – Blast
  • ????????superbuff ? Buff
  • ????????superdfa – Death From Above
  • ????????superstomp – Stomp


  • ????????repaircar – Repair Vehicle
  • ????????vroom – No Damage To Vehicle
  • ????????evilcars – Evil Cars
  • ????????isquishyou – Vehicles Crumple
  • ????????givehovertank – Spawn Alien Hover Tank
  • ????????givetrouble – Spawn XOR (Alien Hoverbike)

Gameplay Controls:

  • ????????runfast – Unlimited Sprinting
  • ????????bigheadmode – Big Head Mode
  • ????????fastforward – Faster Clock Time
  • ????????slowmo ? Slow clock Time
  • ????????goodygoody – Notoriety Eliminated
  • ????????fryhole – Floating Corpses
  • ????????nosuperpowers – Disable Super Powers
  • ????????nosupermove – Disable Super Movement
  • ????????nowardens – Disable Warden Spawns


  • ????????overcast – Cloudy
  • ????????lightrain – Raining lightly
  • ????????heavyrain – Raining heavily
  • ????????clearskies – Clear Skies

After completing the Matt Miller?s The Pledge quest in Saints Row Gat Out of Hell, players will be able to get the Collectible Finder upgrade. When you finish all of the six Loyalty missions before starting Punch The Shark, you can unlock a secret ending, Cheats.co reported.

PlayStation Plus members can play the game for free on their PS4. The game will be available throughout the month for subscribers. The game is also available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3.

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