Saints Row 5 In Development?

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Saints Row 5

Recently, fans found ?Saints Row? among the project list of the Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA). Potentially, the sequel could be the ?Project Atlas a/k/a Saints Row? listing, which means the game is already in development.?

Saints Row 5?

According to flaxknuckles? thread on Neogaf, SAG-AFTRA?s project list has revealed some games that are currently in-production with them. VoiceWorks Productions Inc. ?Project Atlas a/k/a Saints Row? is one of the projects in the list. According to MobyGames? entry of VoiceWorks Productions Inc., they?ve also worked on the previous Saints Row 2 and 4. Potentially, Saints Row 5 is happening as a previous company is picking it up. However, Volition is yet to reveal any announcement about?the title.

Sequel or Reboot

The previous Saints Row 4 and the standalone Gat Out of Hell expansion had multiple endings which could hint on a Saints Row sequel or reboot. The main Saints Row 4 ended?with the Saints taking over the Zin Empire and aiming for a planet to settle. However, the secret Saints Row 4 ending showed that the Saints could go back in time to collect Earth?s notable personalities like Jane Austen for another adventure.

Meanwhile, the Gat Out of Hell standalone expansion showed five endings which could be conclusive, open-ended and even outright silly. The two conclusive endings allows Gat to reunite with his love, Aisha, in Heaven?or rule as the King of Hell and wait for the Saints. Meanwhile, the two open-ended endings returns Gat to the Saints to help them find another planet to settle on or recreate Earth at an earlier state. Lastly, Gat can also ask for the secrets of the universe in which he also learns about perfecting one particular cooking recipe. The Saints Row series has set itself for too many routes to take for the story of Saints Row 5

Saints Row 5 = Agents of Mayhem?

According to IGN, Volition?s next game is Agents of Mayhem which was revealed last E3 2016 . According to Agents of Mayhem FAQ, this Saints Row spinoff game is going to be released this coming 2017. At best, this could be the ?Saints Row 5? that we?ve been waiting for. The SAG-AFTRA project listing could be voicework for the unrevealed characters of the game. For now, we can only wait on Volition for the next update on this Saints Row game.?

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