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Safe Haven in 7 Days to Die

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Looking for a place to stay in 7 Days to Die? Here are a few houses that you might want to take a look at.

First thing you need to learn when you are playing 7 Days to Die is not how to be a good shot but to know the area and the buildings. Yes there are lots and lots of houses and buildings here in 7 Days to Die, you can even make one yourself. Unfortunately when you have just started a new game and don?t have enough supplies for building a house, it is best to just move in to a pre-made one and gather all the necessities you need to build your first home.

Always remember that when you search for a house or a structure to move in, keep in mind that it has to be in a place where you have an excellent view of the field or has a lot of resources. One of the key for surviving here in 7 Days to Die is to have a good or perfect building. Here are a few structures that might be of help to you and your group:

Map for the church

Church Area Map



The church may not really the best place to stay in as it is made from wood and can be taken down easily by hordes of zombies but it has a great view from the roof and can snipe and shoot zombies that are near the vicinity. It is also accessible to wood resources as the surroundings ?are full of trees. There are also a lot of deer in the area (in my opinion) and you can also do a supply run to?the neighboring village, Diersville.

Diersville 2

Diersville Brick House Location


Brick House Diersville


This is the kind of house that is ideal for surviving. As you can see on the picture there are plenty of neighboring houses to gather supplies from but the downside of this is that your defenders would be very busy cleaning the area every day.

route 73

Route 73 Area Map


Small town 73


Now this building is perfect! Great view of the area, not too many structures nearby, made of bricks or concrete, the size is just right and 3 people are enough to defend it, what more could you ask for right?

Howdy partner

Old West is located at Old Mole

You can also try this area. Nothing much really, all houses here are made of wood, but wouldn?t it be cool to live here and pretend you are a cowboy?

School map

School Map Area




The school is a place that is very hard to defend. It is big, has a lot of rooms and if you don?t put up torches inside zombies will spawn in dark places and might destroy a few walls. This is ideal though if you are a group of 5-6 people but when playing solo? I suggest you go with the building at route 73. Good thing about this building is that, it has a LOT of storage area and supplies.

There are also other buildings that is worth visiting or to stay in if you prefer it.

I.C. Map

Information Center Map Area


information center


Almost close to the school, you can also do supply runs here if you are staying there.

Arrow Head

Resort Map Area


Arrow Head Resort


It looks kinda like a ski resort or something.

Lumbermill Area Map

Lumbermill Area Map

Lumber Mill Dishong


A property that is very hard to defend. Check for supplies only, do not settle in if you are playing solo.

Just want to add something, a reminder perhaps. Be careful when you are crossing a bridge as they are unstable.

cross at your own risk

cross at your own risk

Oh right and this one! Don?t forget about this one!

OH LOOK! A zomBEE! Get it? Ba dum tss!

OH LOOK! A zomBEE! Get it? Ba dum tss!

There we have it. These are the safest places to stay in 7 Days to Die. I hope you enjoyed reading this guide.

Photos taken by me.

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