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Ryse Son of Rome 2 Images Leaked; Dubbed Ryse: The Empire

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Ryse Son of Rome 2

It appears that there?s an upcoming Ryse Son of Rome 2 under the name of Ryse: The Empire. Image of the game called Ryse: The Empire is making its rounds on the Internet. It is believed that the image is an off-screen that was taken during an unknown conference somewhere.

Ryse Son of Rome 2 Image Origin

According to reports, the said image first appeared on Twitter and then built up steam from there. As a matter of fact, the image shows Crytek?s CRYENGINE logo which could indicate that the image is legit. At the present time, nobody knows if the image is real. However, rumors of the possible sequel have already surfaced a few years back since the first game?s release.

Ryse Son of Rome 2 According to Crytek?s Boss

Back in 2014, Crytek?s boss named Cervat Yerli stated that there?s a huge possibility for a sequel. However, the studio admitted that they aren?t 100% happy with the way the first game was sold on Xbox One. Fortunately, the studio stated that they would do a follow up if the console?s install base grows.

Ryse Son of Rome 2

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Apparently, the studio wasn?t entirely happy with Xbox One sales back in 2014. Hence, they wanted to wait until the current generation and next generation catches up. Yerli also stated that they?re just waiting for the right timing.

What Yerli means by the right timing is higher installed base across next-generation. However, with the image floating around the internet, it is safe to say that Crytek is seeing something positive in the current-gen consoles.

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Crytek in Crisis, Again

According to recent reports, Crytek is once again facing complaints that it isn?t paying its employees. As a matter of fact, some of them have not had a paycheck in more than a month. The complaints have surfaced on social media and eventually spread throughout Reddit.

Apparently, there have been multiple delays and irregularities in meeting payroll over the past six months. Meanwhile, some other employees reported that they haven?t been paid for more than a month. As a matter of fact, an employee from Crytek contacted the website Polygon and stated that he hasn?t seen a paycheck for two months.

In addition, he also reported that their paycheck had been delayed regularly by two to four weeks. In that case, how will Crytek manage the upcoming Ryse Son of Rome 2 given their current company crisis? Fans of the game hoped that studio can get through this given that the franchise has so much potential.

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