Ryan Lochte Robbery Update: Swimmers Fabricated Robbery at Gunpoint Story

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In the latest on the Ryan Lochte robbery, it turns out that there was no gunpoint robbery that happened as earlier publicized by US Swim Team member Ryan Lochte. The chief of civil police, Fernanco Veloso, spoke to reporters about the alleged incident on Thursday afternoon.

According to news agency AP, the official who has a direct knowledge of the investigation, said that Lochte and teammates Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger and Jimmy Feigen went to a gas station at 6am on Sunday and broke the door to an outside bathroom. An armed security guard confronted the athletes, but he did not point his gun at them.

The manager of the station asked for payment to cover the damages caused, and the swimmers then gave him an undisclosed amount of money, the official said.


The other swimmers who were with Lochte the night he said the robbery happened. (Photo credit: nytimes.com)

On Sunday, Lochte had gone on an interview with Today?s Billy Bush to recount the events of the alleged Ryan Lochte robbery. According to Lochte?s story, they were all in a cab, on the way back from France House to the Olympic Village, when they were pulled over in their taxi and some guys wearing police badges pulled out their guns. He recounted that they were made to get down on the ground, and when he refused to do so, a gun was cocked and pointed to his head. Furthermore, he said that the gunmen took their money but left their cellphones and credentials.

Inconsistent testimonies

On Wednesday, Judge Keyla Blank ruled to seize the athletes? passports and ordered them to stay put in Brazil based on inconsistencies between the statements of Lochte and Feigen. They were due for further investigation. Based on her ruling, the gap between the time when the athletes said they left France House to the time they arrived at Olympic Village based on surveillance camera timestamps did not add up. In addition, the judge said that the athletes did not appear to be shaken by the alleged crime.

Bentz and Conger were pulled off their supposed flight back to the US yesterday. According to US Olympic Committee spokesman Patrick Sandusky, the three swimmers were expected to cooperate and discuss the incident further.

Meanwhile, Ryan Lochte is safely back in the US.

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