Ryan Lochte and Jimmy Feigen of US Swim Team Ordered by Judge to Stay Put in Brazil

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Ryan Lochte and Jimmy Feigen of the US Swimming Team were ordered to stay put in Brazil. Judge Keyla Blank based her ruling on inconsistencies with the swimmers? testimonies regarding being robbed at gunpoint three days ago.

The judge wrote in her ruling that the gap between the time the swimmers left the event in France House and when they arrived at Olympic village were questionable. According to the swimmers? testimony, they departed the party from France House at about 4am. Meanwhile, a surveillance video timestamp showed that they checked in at the athletes village at 6:56am. An early morning trip from both points usually takes only around 30-40 minutes.

The ruling also stated that while Lochte affirms they had been approached by only one armed person who demanded for their money and possessions, Feigen on the other hand claims that they were approached by some armed people, the exact number of which he cannot identify, but affirming that only one had a firearm.

She also noted that the athletes ?arrived with their psychological and physical integrity unshaken.? According to the document obtained by USA Today, she had watched the surveillance video of the swimmers arriving at the Olympic village and they did not appear to be upset. They were even joking with each other.

False police report

The ruling further indicated that Judge Blank had ordered the passports of the two athletes to be seized and to forbid them from leaving Brazil until the court reaches a conclusion about whether or not they were guilty of filing a false police report. Under Brazil?s law, a false police report can lead up to six months detention or a fine.

US Olympic Committee spokesman Patrick Sandusky said in a statement that after the their respective competition, the swim team had moved out of the village. ?As part of our standard protocol, we do not make athlete travel plans public and therefore we cannot confirm the athletes? current location,? he explained.

According to Lochte?s lawyer, Attorney Jeff Oslow, Ryan Lochte had cooperated fully with the authorities. He gave a statement to representatives from the State Department, FBI, Tourist Police and the USOC?s security team on Sunday night.

Meanwhile, Ryan Lochte is back in the United States, according to his lawyer. Feigen on the other hand, is still in Rio, as reported by San Antonio Express News who still spoke to him briefly on Wednesday.

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