RWBY Volume 4 Chapter 7 Spoilers: Qrow and Faunus Face Off; Ruby Confused

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In the previous RWBY Volume 4 Chapter 6 episode, the RNGR team came across an abandoned village where they eventually met the Faunus. His power seemed to heighten as the group tried to battle against him. The Faunus also made clear that he?s after Ruby and she needs to come with him when he leaves the place.

However, it was fortunate that Qrow, Ruby?s uncle, came to the rescue just before the Faunus tried to capture Ruby. Then Qrow tells the Faunus that he doesn?t know him and he needs to leave his niece alone. In RWBY Volume 4 Chapter 7, expect the Faunus not to give in easily. While Qrow has threatened him, it looks like the former is also ready to battle it out just so he can bring Ruby with him.

Qrow?s quiet and serious tone precedes his fighting prowess. He easily fends off the Faunus while trying to protect Ruby. RWBY Volume 4 Chapter 7 also reveals the state of Qrow and Ruby?s relationship. When Ruby said she didn?t have any idea who he was, Qrow took in the task of fighting Faunus.

RWBY Volume 4 Chapter 7 Spoilers

RWBY Volume 4 Chapter 7 is also expected to feature Weiss after she embarrassed her father in front of the Atlas people. When she heard someone talking ill about the fate of Vale, Weiss did not stop from lashing out. When Ironwood came to break the commotion, the woman who criticized Vale ordered Ironwood to arrest Weiss.

Ironwood, on the other hand, will refused to arrest Weiss and told everyone that she?s the only one making sense at the moment. Meanwhile, RWBY Volume 4 Chapter 7 is also expected to tell more about the abandoned Oniyuri, primarily because it is where Ren?s parents once lived.

The eerie concept of the place tells us there?s more to the place than a region flocked by Grimms.

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