RWBY Volume 4 Chapter 6 Spoilers, News & Update: Adam and Blake Said to Battle It Out

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In the previous chapter of RWBY volume 4 chapter 5, Blake and Sun were featured visiting the former?s parents. Despite Blake?s father Ghira disliking Sun, the two shared the same hate with the group responsible for the fall of Beacon Academy. During the visit of the two White Fang members, Blake rejected their idea of her returning to the group.

Now, RWBY volume 4 chapter 6 revealed that the RNJR group is setting their journey back to the Haven. When they came across the village of Oniyuri, Ren felt compelled to explain to the group the poor situation of the village. The village of Oniyuri was like the mountain of Glenn where people found their homes and made their own self-governed place. They once lived safely and quietly until the Grimm had overrun the place.

RWBY Volume 4 Chapter 6

Meanwhile, Weiss is also featured singing at a charity. In Atlas where she performed, she initially ignored the man who took advantage of her, but can?t seem to disregard the woman who made comments about the fall of the Beacon Academy. Soon, the chaos followed and the woman ordered the arrest of Weiss.

The arresting officer named Ironwood immediately denied the woman, implying that Weiss is the only one making sense at the moment. Prior to the order of her arrest, Weiss summons a Boarbatusk with her Semblance, making Jacques stare at her angrily.

RWBY Vol 4

Back to the journey of the RNJR, they met Faunus, who instantly attacked Ruby with a finishing blow. But before Faunus can kill her, the Qrow arrived just in time to block the attack that instantly saved Ruby.

The next chapter of the RWBY volume 4 will have to see the battle between Adam and Blake as implied in the previous episode of the series. Moreover, we?re still waiting for the reunion of the RWBY team in order to return and save Beacon Academy once again. Also, there?s still Yang, who refuses to wear her robotic hand. With constant prodding, will she be able to find the courage to wear it? How will she feel about it and will it change her mind about her reality of losing one limb?

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