RWBY Volume 4 Chapter 6 Recap and Chapter 7 Spoilers: Qrow is All Set to Go Against Faunus After Rescuing Ruby

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RWBY Vol 4

RWBY Volume 4 has delivered interesting storyline for the four huntress; continually highlighting the fighting capabilities of the Ruby Rose, Weiss,Blake and Yang. But as Chapter 7 remains unseen, we give you a recap of Chapter 6 and some spoilers for RWBY Chapter 7.

The team is heading to a clear reunion, but not before they each face their demons in the form of fighting enemies alongside other people.

In RWBY Volume 4 Chapter 6, the RNJR team came across the village of Oniyuri while journeying to Haven. Oniyuri is a place similar to mountain Glenn and Ren?s story about the place came as a surprise to everybody. Ren said that Oniyuri emerged at a time when cast outs were able to create a place of their own. But just as they were starting to hope, they might be able to create a new kingdom, the Grimm appeared to wreak havoc on the village.

The place is abandoned, but little do they know, the Grimm actually killed most of the inhabitants of the place. Meanwhile, the last character in RWBY who has not been introduced on RWBY Volume 4; Weiss is seen performing at the Atlas place. Against her father?s will, Weiss sang at a charity event while despising the high society?s elitist snobbish nature. When she heard one guest talking about the fate of Vale, Weiss loses it and told the woman to shut up.

RWBY Volume 4 Chapter 7 showed the real Jacques as he tries to control his daughter; but nothing will stop Weiss. She has had enough and she needs to tell the Atlas people what she thinks of them. When the woman guest ordered the authority to arrest Weiss over her rude remarks, General Ironwood came to her rescue, reminding everyone that Weiss is the only one who?s making sense at the moment.

RWBY Volume 4 spoilers

Meanwhile, RWBY Volume 4 Chapter 6 showed how Qrow saved Ruby from the wrath of Tyrian; later own transforming to Faunus. In RWBY Volume 4 Chapter 7, expect the seething battle between Qrow and Faunus after the former intercepted Faunus? deadly attack on Ruby.

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