RWBY Volume 4 Chapter 4 Recap: Yang Accepts Her Fate; Contemplates Wearing the Robotic Hand

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In RWBY Volume 4 Chapter 4, Yang goes through a whole lot of anxiety and is emotional. Haven?t watched it yet? You can click on the link below to watch it for free. In the meantime, here?s a recap of the latest episode.

RWBY Volume 4 Chapter 3 featured the appearance of Blake and Yang in the scene. Blake, who?s a bit withdrawn, is aboard a ship that somehow ended up fighting a dragon. Yang, on the other hand, is also feeling low when her father approached her to present the robotic hand.

Yang told her father that she?s not yet ready to try it on and her father understood. She then stood up and went upstairs. But before she did, she thanked her father for the gift. Meanwhile, the anonymous person that followed Blake on the ship turned out to be her savior when she fought the dragon.

In RWBY Volume 4 chapter 4, Yang had a nightmare. She met a terrifying man with a sword walking towards her. She tried to stop him with her powers, but apparently, they were not enough to stop the man. As he approached her and they came face to face, Yang noticed that the man is slowly taking out his samurai. Not knowing what to do, she tried to raise her arms to try her powers one last time only to find out, her right arm is amputated.

She woke up with a start and stared at the robotic hand lying on her bedside table. She did not wear it. Instead, she went downstairs to find her father and two other fellows talking and laughing.

RWBY Volume 4 chapter 4 features the Goliath in the room (the topic of Yang?s missing arm). When the other man asked Yang ?If you don?t mind me asking, why haven?t you tried on the arm?? the truth was revealed. Yang is scared and she?s stressed out about everyone talking about her getting back to normal. She answered ?I?m scared.. Everybody keeps talking about me getting back to normal, and I appreciate it. But.. this is normal now.?

Yang?s father is not giving up and gave his daughter a piece of advice that changed the girl?s mind.

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