RWBY Volume 4 Chapter 4 Recap, News and Spoilers: Blake Returns Home

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RWBY Vol 4

In the recent RWBY Volume 4 Chapter 4, entitled ?Menagerie?, Blake returns to the island of Menagerie to meet her parents. A moment?s hesitation took over Blake before she found the courage to knock on their home?s huge door. The resounding sound of the knocking took Sun, who accompanied Blake, by surprise.

Blake?s father is the high chieftain in the island and immediately develops a dislike for Sun. RWBY Volume 4 chapter 4 also features Blake?s mother. As opposed to her father, she likes Sun. Her mother?s closeness to Sun embarrasses Blake.

Menagerie is a dream place, with its lively downtown sceneries and the various home designs surrounding Blake?s house. The whole place where the Menagerie region is located is called the Kuo Kuana place. In fact, the place is even compared to the Pokemon Sun and Moon regions as well as those from The Legend of Zelda.

While Blake and Sun visited her parents, two members of the White Fang also come around. Fennec Albain and Corsac Albain came to visit Ghira, Blake?s father, to inquire about the fall of the Beacon Academy. They also came with few evidence that it was Adam Taurus’ group who is at fault.

Blake Returns Home

According to the recent RWBY Volume 4 chapter 4 recap, Ghira politely encouraged them to leave. But before they did, Corsac and Fennec had some few words with Blake, asking her to rejoin the White Fang group. However, long after they left, it was made known that Corsac and Fennec are long tied to Adam?s group and have told him about Blake?s arrival in Menagerie.

RWBY Volume 4 chapter 5 spoilers reveal there could be a new match between Blake and Adam now that the latter knows Blake is back in town. The rest of the recent chapter contains limited story, more of which contained exploration of Blake?s hometown. Are you excited to see the next chapter of RWBY Volume 4? Don?t worry if you miss an episode, just make sure you follow us here on TheBitBag and we?ll provide you with the latest about the series.

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