Russell Westbrook Trade Deal to Surprise Us All; 3 Options for the OKC Guard

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Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook is currently surrounded by trade deal rumors immediately after Kevin Durant?s decision to join the Golden State Warriors in early July.

The star point guard has little intention of staying with the Thunder, but they have been regularly contacting him since Durant?s decision. The Thunder?s primary objective this offseason is to try and get Westbrook to change his mind and extend his contract with Oklahoma City.

While the OKC guard has yet to make his final decision, here are three top probabilities for the star point guard:

He will join Boston

There are reports that Westbrook will possibly join the Boston Celtics. According to CSNNE?s Celtics insider, A. Sherrod Blakely, in a report by CBS Local, Boston?s best chance at making a ?big splash? in the offseason is by getting the OKC point guard.

Blakely said, ?You know Oklahoma City doesn?t want to get burned twice in less than a year in letting a superstar player go and getting nothing in return. The Celtics can help Oklahoma City in that regard. If you?re talking about giving up that Brooklyn pick next year for Russell Westbrook, I think you do it. I don?t even think you even hesitate.?


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He will join the Lakers

There are rumors that the OKC guard, who went to UCLA, wants to join the Los Angeles Lakers. But Blakely isn?t buying the idea.

?As much as he would love to be back in L.A., he wants to win, and that L.A. team just sucks,? he said. ?If he joins them they?re still not going to be much better, and if they add another piece, they?re still not good enough to win in the West.?

Blakely continued, ?He wants to be in a situation where he can win and win at a high level, and if that situation isn?t Oklahoma City and he looks elsewhere, you better believe Boston will be on his short list.?

He will remain with the Thunder

According to The Vertical, if there will be a renegotiation for the OKC guard, the most likely scenario would be using the Thunder?s cap space in order to guarantee an extension of contract through the 2017-2018 season. This will allow OKC to recruit their top targets such as Blake Griffin from the Los Angeles Clippers, who is actually an Oklahoma native. The Thunder aims to partner Griffin with Westbrook once he extends his contract.

League sources also added that teams have already tried reaching out to OKC about trading their star point guard, but they have been told that he is not available.

What do you think? Will Russell Westbrook join another team? Or will he remain with the Thunder and lead them through the next NBA season?

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