Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 2 Spoilers: Another Twist That Has Viewers Gagging!

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Rupaul?s Drag Race All Stars Season 2 just premiered a couple of hours ago, but already the first episode has left its loyal viewers ?shook?, ?weak?, ?not functioning properly?, and ?feeling very attacked?. Because as much as one spoiler was yet again confirmed, another revelation took viewers by surprise.

During the first episode of this second edition of Rupaul?s Drag Race All Stars, the queens were immediately made to partake in a reading challenge that is usually reserved for the midway point of a regular Drag Race season. The 10 queens — Katya, Detox, Alyssa Edwards, Phi Phi O? Hara, Ginger Minj, Roxxxy Andrews, Coco Montrese, Alaska, Tatiana, and Adore Delano — took turns throwing jabs at each other, with Roxxxy Andrews eventually winning and deciding to boot Coco Montrese out of the competition.

With Coco?s elimination, yet another spoiler from the Reddit thread ? ?SPOILERS FOR AS2: Don?t read if you don?t want to know!? was proven true. In the thread, Reddit user mothahasarrived said that Coco Montrese would be the first of the queens to go home. But what viewers did not expect, and what was not mentioned in the thread, was what happened after the end credits.

As recounted in this Reddit thread by user kimiawn, ?Ru told Coco she would have the opportunity to get her revenge soon or something like that, but didn’t actually say she would come back to the competition.? This prompted a flurry of speculation on the thread, with ?the most popular one being that all the eliminated queens will be brought back to decide who this season?s top three will be.


Coco Montrese is the first queen to sashay away from Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 2

While Reddit has made wrong speculations before — like Acid Betty staying on after Snatch Game or Kim Chi sashaying away during the Book Ball — these spoilers TheBitBag has reported on previously are looking more legit with each passing day.

For instance, the spoilers also mention Adore Delano sashaying away in the early stages of the competition, and it looks like a definite possibility as she was in the bottom two of the premiere episode. Will the thread?s spoiler for the top three queens — Katya, Alaska, and Detox — also prove true?

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