Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 2 Spoilers: PhiPhi O’ Hara In Tiff With ‘Drag Race’ Producers?

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Rupaul?s Drag Race All Stars Season 2 doesn?t come with accompanying episodes of Untucked, and longtime fans of the show know that that?s a huge opportunity lost to stoke some drama between the competing queens.

But as it turns out, reality is still so much better than reality television. Rupaul?s Drag Race season 4 villain and current Rupaul?s Drag Race All Stars Season 2 competitor PhiPhi O? Hara is now engaged in a bitter ?he said, they said? feud with the show?s producers, and viewers are gagging over it.

The feud began at a viewing party for the third episode of Rupaul?s Drag Race All Stars Season 2 at the Chicago gay bar Roscoe?s. As recounted on Reddit by a fan, PhiPhi made a claim that producers of the show had edited the judges critiques to make it look like fashion designer Jeremy Scott was praising Alyssa?s look when it wasn?t the case. PhiPhi also alleged that Carson Kressley?s negative critique for Ginger Minj was actually said to Alyssa, and was only changed during editing.

Understandably, viewers and PhiPhi fans were shocked at the allegations of producer tampering and alleged favoritism. However, the producers? response to PhiPhi was quick and equally damning. A day after the claims were made, video was put up on the Logo website showing Kressley and Scott?s full critique of Alyssa?s outfit. The video contradicts PhiPhi?s version of events, and has sent fans into a tizzy.


PhiPhi O’ Hara performed great on the latest Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 2 episode

Drag Race fans are divided on the issue. Reddit user mothahasarrived — responsible for the post that spawned numerous spoilers that have come true over the past episodes — has responded with a Youtube video that splices audio recordings of PhiPhi?s allegations and the full video of Alyssa?s critiques, calling out PhiPhi as a liar. Meanwhile, users like baixiaolang are taking PhiPhi?s side and condemning the producers? supposed shady dealings.

Whose side are you on in this reality television conflict? Which of the two camps do you think is telling the unvarnished truth? Keep it here on TheBitBag for even more Rupaul?s Drag Race All Stars Season 2 spoilers, news, and updates!

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