Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 2 All Stars: Replay & Where To Watch Online, Two Queen Re-Enter, One Queen Leaves!

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Rupaul Drag Race fans are going wild with the recent Season 2 episode five. Without spoiling too much, basically let?s just say that two queens re-enter the stage with some classics and one of them leaves!

If you?re a bit of a pirate or just plain desperate to see the episode right now, then you can catch episode five again here. Hurry though! It might get taken down anytime. As for all of you who can?t view the video or just want to read about the spoilers and highlights now, then keep reading!



The challenge thrown at the cast for the week was a standup comedy act. Nothing new, this shenanigan has been seen many times in the past.

However, this week?s act had a bit of a twist. All the queens need to get along as they all get paired with someone.

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And to kick things up even more, the queens have to also perform for some pretty special judges this week. The queens from the older seasons!

The show certainly knows how to breath in fresh air to this classic challenge.

Roxxxy Andrews was put on the spot as she was made the host for the show. Roxxxy may not push the best performances, but being the host certainly gives her a bit of an edge.


Just as her previous challenge acts, Roxxxy gets into flailing. Things get a bit awry at the start when she failed her first joke. She did however manage to save her act when we she brought back an old character of hers.

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She used her kid show character Tasha Salad from season five. It didn?t exactly give the act the great boost it needed but it did save it from getting any worse.

Phi Phi and Coco

Coco followed Roxxxy?s footsteps when she resurrected her season five tried and tested character, RuPaul?s cousin from the hood. It seemed like everything would be in the bag but things didn?t go so well.

Phi Phi had her pregnant chola character up. The two just couldn?t get their acts to work together. Needless to say it was a pretty big disaster.


Katya & Ginger

Katya and Ginger had a pretty mediocre performance. Ironically these two have boasted in the past on how good they were in comedy. Katya was somewhat okay, while Ginger?s timing was very questionable.


Alaska & Alyssa

Alaska did a great job piggy banking on Alyssa. The two had a pretty fluid act, which centered on letting Alyssa lead.

Not to mention, their black and white outfits completely complemented each other. Alaska?s talent for pushing out witty one word punch lines became the icing on their act.

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Tatianna & Detox

Tatianna and Detox delivered a great show. The two were very coordinate and just looked great with each other too.These two have often been below average in their performance, but this recent act was their big rebound. If they keep this momentum up, it wouldn?t be a far cry to see them at the top soon.


The Climax

Alyssa and Tatianna became the winners. It wasn?t a big surprise. Their act just floored the rest of the competition this episode.

Roxxxy and Phi Phi on the other hand gave the most cringe worthy performances in the episode. Arguably, both of them were bad enough to be sent home.

But Phi Phi had slightly worse performance than Roxxxy. She did feel that she ?killed? her act but the judges completely don?t agree with her.


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