Running Out Of A’s Lately? Here Are Some Of The Best iOS Study Apps To Download

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some of the best iOS study apps to help students get more A’s

You bring your iPhone or iPad to school just to post tweets and share Instagram photos, right? Well, we hope not because your iDevices can also be a great study companion. Whether you use them to take notes, record lectures, or search for related topics, there?s no denying that these devices has become a staple in most students? backpacks. That said, we?ve a compiled a few iOS study apps to help you get ahead.


Evernote is arguably one of the best note-taking apps out there. It supports tags, iCloud syncing, separate notebooks, and lots of other features. This iOS study app also allows you to take pictures of a syllabus or a blackboard and tag it accordingly. With its iCloud sync feature, you can view your notes across all your devices like the iPad or Mac through the Evernote app.


Having the option to access all your files, notes, and documents from anywhere and anytime is a necessity rather than a convenience. This is especially true if you?re a college student. From short scribbles to essays and term papers, the Dropbox app can store them all. Upon sign up, you?re entitled to a free 2 GB worth of cloud storage; there are free and paid options available to increase this storage. Dropbox offers a version for virtually all web and mobile platforms available. Install and use it properly and you?ll never have to worry about forgetting any document ever again.

iTunes U

iTunes U is perhaps one of the most popular iOS study apps for university students. This app is a hub for a massive collection of course materials containing digital catalogs of free educational content. In iTunes U, you can look for content published by many universities and schools worldwide including top-tier institutions such as Harvard, MIT, UCL, Cambridge, and Imperial College.

MyScript Calculator

Developed by Vision Objects, MyScript Calculator is an application that can solve regular mathematical equations keyed in by your own handwriting input. This helpful iOS study app has a very simple and intuitive interface ? just write the math expression or equation on the screen and the app will convert the symbols & numbers into digital text and will deliver the result right away.


This is one of the world?s biggest online repositories of books, papers, and other documents. With the Scribd app for iOS, students can easily search for texts, notes, or study guides shared by other users around the globe. Their library includes content shared by the New York Times, the World Bank, Random House, and even notes & speeches by President Obama. With this nifty iOS study app, you can organize your saved documents and tag them according to your desired topics.



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