Rumors: Microsoft Dropping 360 Premium To $299 For GTAIV Launch?!?

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You know, sometimes you get stuff in your tip jar and it’s just too far fetched. However, I can’t ignore the possibility of this rumor being true. So for now I’ll stick it under the rumors column and you can take whatever you want from it.

Basically, some unnamed person has tipped that Microsoft will be dropping the price of the Premium 360 another $49 on the same day that GTAIV gets released. This would be a smart move for Microsoft as we know millions upon millions of people love the GTA series. Now if you are still a PS2 or Xbox owner sitting on the fence waiting for this game to be released, then it would be a good time to invest in a next gen system.

It’s interesting and I’m going to dig deep and find out if the rumor is true. Keep your pants in a bunch and don’t lose any sleep.

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