32-Core Intel Skylake EP Xeon E5 2699 v5 Benchmark Surfaces Online

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Intel rumored to release 32-core Intel Skylake EP Xeon processor

Intel has been in the forefront of server CPU design. For decades, the company has provided a number of products that power the servers and perhaps most of the internet. Now, with the impending release of AMD’s Naples server processors, Intel is now forced to up its game when it comes to server products. Intel is rumored to release its Skylake EP Xeon processor anytime soon, nevertheless, a new leak seems to give a bit of detail about the upcoming server processor.

It looks like Intel fans will have an interesting week ahead of them especially when a benchmark of a rumored server CPU surfaced online. The leak actually came from Geekbench, and from what it looks like, it pertains to the Skylake EP Xeon E5 2699 v5 processor.

What is interesting about the leak is that the new server processor sports a total of 32 physical cores. This is surprising news because the original architecture where the server CPU is based is reported to only have a maximum of 28 cores. It would seem that Intel has made a last-minute decision to increase the number of cores for the Xeon E5 2699 v5 in response to the AMD Naples processor.

Intel rumored to release 32-core Intel Skylake EP Xeon processor

Reverse side of rumored Skylake EP Xeon E5 2699 v5 (via

Another interesting tidbit about the leak is the single- and multi-core benchmark scores. From the Geekbench website, one can see that the CPU in question managed to get a single-core score of 4044. For a server CPU running at 2.1GHz base clock, this is very impressive. In addition to an impressive single-core score, the multi-core score of the CPU is also staggering. The Xeon e5 2699 v5 managed to obtain a score of 48,088 for multi-core processing. Finally, the new server processor will boast a total of six memory channels as opposed to the current standard of four. It will also have support for Cannonlake graphics as well as FPGA integration.

The Intel Skylake EP server processor will be released sometime in the early second half of 2017. It is also rumored that the CPU will make an appearance during this year’s Computex event in Taiwan. For more updates on the Intel Skylake EP server processor, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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