Rumor: Windows 9 To Come Out This Fall?

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Windows 9 Release Date (Image Credit to 3DGAMEMAN YouTube)
Windows 9 Release Date (Image Credit to 3DGAMEMAN YouTube)

Microsoft, it seems, is?intending to release a new operating system for PCs, as rumors highly suggest that Windows 9 could probably see the light of day this coming fall, and ?this is all thanks to the infamous leaker named WZOR.

The person responsible for the leak posted the information on a Russian bulletin board which suggests that Microsoft is actually planning on releasing Windows 9 this fall and it is even backed by a substantial amount of campaign advertising. This contradicts the previous speculation we had about Windows 9 coming out only in the form of a preview build.

Along with the rumor of Windows 9?s potential release schedule, it is also in the news that Windows 9 won?t be the first free Windows operating system after all. While users can connect to the Windows 9 store, grab a copy and put it on their flashdrives, using Windows 9 on several machines is going to be limited for three days only and afterwards, it will request for the user to ?undock? the operating system.

Microsoft hasn?t made any official comment about the rumor, but Microsoft Communications Chief Frank Shaw posted something on his Twitter account that may actually give a subtle hint about what?s swirling around the Windows 9 talk online.

“Was there a ‘crazy rumor day’ declaration that I missed?”

Though Shaw didn?t specifically point out that this tweet was for Wzor?s speculations about the release schedule of Windows 9, it?s pretty obvious that the Microsoft Communications Chief is putting the nail into the rumors about the operating system?s fall release schedule.

From how things are looking, we can be very skeptical about the release of Windows 9 this fall, but still, it is very likely that we will see Windows 9 in some form this fall, regardless if in full or just a preview.

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