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Rules of Enchantment: Diablo 3 RoS Tips and Tricks for Enchanting Rare and Legendary Items

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One of the mechanics that put Diablo 3 RoS back on the gaming map was Myriam, the Mystic who allows players to change stats and affixes on their gear. With enough gold and resources, you could enchant any piece of gear.

Now why would you want to change your gear?s stats? Here are some good reasons:

  • You love the item but the main stat is for another class. I guess the smart loot table didn?t work out for you.
  • You?re min-maxing for a DPS or tank build and you want to change one stat to optimize the item for your build.
  • The item has great stats, nothing you want to change (lucky you!)?all you need now is a socket to put your gem of choice in it.
  • You don?t have a great Legendary Item for that gear slot yet so you need to settle for a rare.

Most of the time, I see players make huge mistakes with Enchanting. Now, when I say mistakes, that usually means these two things:

  • Wasting resources on a bad item or in trying to get a certain stat.
  • Changing the wrong stat when enchanting.

You basically want to avoid the two mistakes up top, so here are some tips and tricks on how to get the most out of enchanting gear:

  • Enchanting rares is always cheaper and easier.

Before you go crazy with a new Leg, look at your rares and see if you can squeeze better stats out of them first. Go for items that don?t? need Forgotten Souls, Fiery Brimstones or Death?s Breaths. Save these for the really juicy Legs you might find.

  • Only enchant Rares up to 300,000 gold or a set comfort level.

If you?ve been enchanting the item and not getting the stat you want, stop at 300,000 since any higher cost can be used to find better items or enchant a different item at starting price again. I have to say, though, that this is my personal comfort level and it?s based on how fast I can farm gold. For other players, you might have a different ceiling. Determine your ceiling and stick to it.

  • Only enchant items that have 4 primary stats and have lesser orange diamonds.

An item with four primary stats gives you a lot of choices and lets you build a perfect DPS trifecta or tank stats. The orange diamonds are stats that don?t factor into the sheet damage and item comparisons

  • Don?t hate on the %Life or %Damage.

If you?re building a tank, % Life is one of the best stats to get and if you’re a DPS, %Damage is a great stat or an interim choice while you’re waiting for a socket.

  • If your item has four stats (that include Life on Hit or Armor) and a socket, it?s one of the best items to enchant.

When your Leg item has Life on Hit, Armor, a socket and two properties of the trifecta, you just need to get one of the trifecta to make it even better than a Legendary.

  • Replacing Armor or Life on Hit on an item gives you a little over 15% chance to get good trifecta DPS stats.

When you see Armor or Life on Hit, you have a one in six chance to get perfect crit stats. This is because you get more crit-based chances on the list of choices on the right.

  • Whenever you enchant to a new stat, the choices on the right change. Be careful with choosing when you don?t have the stat you want from the new choices.

Using the previous tip, stick with Armor or Life on Hit when you?re waiting to get a perfect crit stat. Choosing a different stat will change the choices on the right and you lose?your awesome chances.


Most of the same tips and tricks for enchanting Rare items in Diablo 3 RoS apply to Legendary Items too, but the catch with the latter is that you have to spend the most expensive mats and much more gold to get the stats you want.

What have been your best and worst enchanting experiences? Drop me a comment and let?s talk about enchanting dreams and nightmares on Diablo 3 RoS!

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