Ruby Rose Twitter Update: Why Are People Slamming Her Social Media Posts?

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Like others who have shared their sympathy about the Paris Attacks last Friday, actress and model Ruby Rose also shared her sentiments over social media ? but got very different reactions from Netizens.

According to Mirror UK, just like people around the world, The Orange Is the New Black actress also condemned the attacks in the French capital and shared details from foreign embassies and helplines.

But she was later accused of being disrespectful after mentioning bombings in Lebanon and Syria, with some saying she was detracting from what had happened in Paris.

Through her official Twitter account, Ruby wrote, “Wow! Guys my pray for the world post is not taking away from Paris. It’s about the other incidents today #paris #syria #lebanon.”

After posting that, she started getting negative feedback from people on Twitter, so much so that she had to give an explanation about her post. “Wow! Guys my pray for the world post is not taking away from Paris. It?s about the other incidents today #paris #syria #lebanon … There were bombings in Lebanon and Paris today. I am saying the world is in trouble. Terrorism is at large. Please stop comparing my prayer for the world today as an ‘all lives matter’ blanket post. It’s about the terrorist attacks today … Love breeds love. Hate breeds hate.. My heart and my love goes to Paris and everywhere in state of emergency right now. Heartbreaking day,” reported Pedestrian.

Aside from Ruby Rose, former X Factor winner Sam Bailey also figured in a Twitter ?critic? after tweeting a suggestion that England needed to close the borders, which led to Twitter users slamming her as ?ignorant? and ?vile?, stated Metro. The tweets have since been deleted.

A total of 129 people were killed and 352 wounded, of whom 99 were said to be in critical condition, following the terrorist attacks across the French capital.


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