Roundabout To Land In PS4 and Xbox One In Early 2015!

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Roundabout fans who are waiting for the game on PS4 and Xbox One, this one is for you, as the game was announced to be in the said platforms by early 2015.

The announcement was made in the official Tumblr account of Roundabout which reads:

“We?re also going to be bringing some open world puzzle limo spinning action the the PlayStation 4! A PS4 version has been our most requested thing to do, so we?re pretty psyched that we?ll be bringing Roundabout to it. Both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions will be out early 2015.”



Roundabout which is set in 1977 tells the story of Georgio Manos as he rose to fame and is called the world’s most famous revolving chauffeur. In playing Roundabout, players can pick up passengers, compete in challenges, find hidden collectables, customize their limousine, purchase property, and more.

?Roundabout’s cutting edge full motion video technology allows us to put real actors in the back seat! Watch as Georgio Manos (played by Kate Welch) drives an all-star cast to their destinations,? the official Roundabout website said.?


? Open world puzzle game where you play as a constantly revolving limousine.
? Cutting edge “Full Motion Video” tells the rise to fame story of Georgio Manos, the world’s first revolving chauffeur.
? Explore the world! Pick up passengers, find secret collectables, purchase properties, compete in side challenges, and more.
? Earn money through passengers and real estate, then spend it all on new upgrades, paint jobs, horns and hats.
? Dedicated eSports speedrun mode, achievements, emoticons, trading cards and more.


Roundabout Deluxe Edition offers the following features besides those stated above.

? An 87+ page digital screenplay and art book compendium
? “Georgio Cam”, the fully playable first person Roundabout prank
? A selection of prototype and early Roundabout builds to play
? Early pitch videos and previously unseen content
? Downloadable Soundtrack

Aside from the news that it?s coming to PS4 and Xboxb One, Roundabout will also come to Steam and the Humble Store on September 18. Plus, you can pre-order both the normal and Deluxe Edition versions of Roundabout for 20% off.

For more information about Roundabout, stay tuned with us!

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