Rough ‘Windows 10’ to debut Project Spartan

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A screenshot of the new Windows 10 OS for laptops and PCs. [Windows]

Windows 10 is a big thing for Microsoft and that statement does not even cover the magnitude of how the developers and the company envisions the operating system to be for the future. For starters, it?s the first Windows OS to be simultaneously similar across different platforms.

So it goes without saying that, according to Ars Technica, news about the OS remaining incomplete?is not good news at all. While the iOS?Windows 10’s?direct competition?has at least 8 generations of OS experience under its belt, Microsoft still has to prove that its OS is at least equal to or greater than the iOS.

In other news, Digital Trends listed some positive things about?the new Windows 10 OS, in particular the number of available apps for the system. Internet Explorer problems are a thing of the past, Microsoft says, but it?s yet to be seen.


Windows might be big on its OS 10 debut, but is it fit for consumer use already?

If this Ars Technica article is to be believed, it appears that the new OS feels rushed and is actually not ready to be used at all. There are a lot of bugs still remaining, according to the article, and they need to be resolved before the OS could be taken seriously to be?placed on a working device. Some of these bugs have been found to be connected with the battery icon, the Start screen and the desktop, for starters.

As it appears, the Ars Technica compared the new OS with an older Windows Phone 8.1 OS. As every new OS does have some birthing pains when coming out, we?re going to see in the meantime if Windows will address these problems in a timely manner.


However incomplete the OS seems to be, it still appears as a promising competitor to the universal iOS on Apple?s devices.

One of the most awaited apps to come with the Windows 10 OS is the Project Spartan. According to Digital Trends, the software is a step-up from the old and buggy Internet Explorer. It does away with most of the features of the old browser and works with a modernized framework. Aside from that, it will feature a ?reading mode? interface and promises a faster, stable experience than that with the Internet Explorer.

Other apps that have received a fresh new lease on OS life include Outlook (mail and calendar), People, Phone, Maps, and the App Switcher, a fresh new innovation for people who love to multi-task.

Windows 10 appears Ready

Bringing a ready OS is different from bringing an OS that?s for eye-candy only. As it looks like, the latest OS 10 release falls more into the former than the latter. Windows would do well to address the problems in apps that are supposed to be their newest features or risk alienating a whole customer base anew.


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