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Are you fond of reading and collecting books but just can’t find the time to catch up on your reading list? Due to work or school activities?

With the new Rooster iPhone app by Plympton, you will never find an excuse not to read again.

The way it works is pretty simple: it will create suggestions for users on books to read and then convince the users to read them in timed installments. It is, in essence, a book club for busy people.

Yael Goldstein Love, a novelist and co-founder of Plympton, said that the idea for the app came directly from the most common feedback his team always hears. “So often when we tell people what we do, people say, ‘I wish I had time to read. I don’t have time to read anything longer than a blog post,'” she said. This complaint inspired them to create something better than a plain reading or e-book app.


Their team did some research and chose to divide books into 15-minute installments. The installments are based on the average person’s commute time. This is enough time to read a part of the book without comprising the users’ activities for the day. Users can schedule installments at particular times and days, but they can always go ahead to the next installment if they have more time to spare.?Rooster’s book selection will be a mix of contemporary works and classics. Starters for users are?I Was Here?by Rachel Kadish and?Billy Budd?by Herman Melville.

Sounds pretty good so far? Here is a catch: Goldstein Love says that they have no plan to bring in more mainstream writers because of licensing deals and “because those are easier for people to find” elsewhere. So think first about this little tip before purchasing the app.?The app is currently available by invite only and costs $4.99 a month.

There are a lot of apps now that help you with your reading habits. Try to learn more first about each app’s functions and tools before purchasing or downloading them. Rooster certainly caters to busy people who cannot dedicate more time to reading.


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